Zack Cokas’ "TO THE GRAVE" Is a Slap in the Face

Joe DelloStritto

After Zack Cokas released the all-too-smooth single “Pharmacy” earlier in February, I’ve been waiting for his next release. Well, it didn’t take long, as Cokas dropped “TO THE GRAVE” today, only a month later. Far different from his previous single, “TO THE GRAVE” makes it feel like you’re head-bopping in the middle of a packed rock concert. Atop a distorted rocker beat, Cokas sounds angry and confident, singing,

"Woke up this morning with a smile on my face,

Knowing imma get paid on my way to the grave,

Hard to keep track I suppose imma waste it,

Going downtown with my friends getting wasted."

It’s no wonder Cokas is pictured with boxing gloves on in the album artwork, as the track matches the high-energy, gritty feel of a boxing match. In a perfect mixture of rap and rock, Cokas spits a clean full minute verse in between two short anthem-like chorus’s. Cokas is able to embody the reckless mindset that comes with being young, crafting his most unique track to date. When you throw “TO THE GRAVE” on, you’re going to want to turn it all the way up.

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