Daniyel Draws Light From Darkness in New Single "IT'S OK"

Perry Avgerinos

This past year has felt like an eternity to many. With aspects of every day life that we were so accustomed to now lacking certainty, a little positive reminder that things will be alright is valued more than ever. Reigning from Portland, Oregon, surging artist Daniyel has the heart-warming reminder to ease your worries, with his latest single, "IT'S OK."

Coming off of a viral 2020 release, "LOST ONES," dedicated to his late aunt (who died of cancer) and uncle (who drowned), Daniyel succeeds his early hype with another single that is simply food for your soul. Beginning with an enchanting ukulele chord progression, Daniyel begins to embellish his slightly raspy vocal tone, capable of persuading even the most stubborn of people – that things will be ok. His vocal character has a slight resemblance to Juice WRLD or The Kid LAROI, with just as much authority within the weight of his lyrics, as Daniyel checks off his own self-doubts on a soft 808 drum pattern. Daniyel isn't afraid to be vulnerable, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper degree, as he sings,

"And I peep the scars on your body,

I see the dirt on your laundry,

I see the skeletons all in your closet,

I see the tears that drip like a faucet,

I see the fear that stop you from loving.."

With lyrics and delivery as powerful as Daniyel's, you begin to notice the weight his voice truly holds. His ability to connect with listeners to this scale, shows people are actually listening to whatever he says, holding the keys to obtaining a massive following, and impact lives (similarly to both Juice and LAROI). Granted, these are big comparisons and aspirations, but I can safely argue that you will be hearing a lot more from the 19 year old in the near future.

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