Amaarae Shares Single “Reckless and Sweet,” Announces New Album

Kieran Kohorst

A template of sorts exists that allows for musicians to transition into stars, a not quite foolproof but reliable enough blueprint that is offered for some who are satisfied with a cookie-cutter career. Amaarae has broken the mold, rearranging it in the shape of her own silhouette. She is the only one that fits into the identity she’s established, earning her acclaim through unrelenting individuality. “Reckless and Sweet” luxuriates in the sensuality of her timidly commanding voice, the instrumental suggestive in tone while Amaarae’s lyrics lean towards bluntness in her delivery. Even when caught up in the allure of temptation, she makes her focus clear: “Call me when the money come…To the money I’ma run,” she echoes on the song’s chorus. Coupled with the track’s release is a seductive music video, one that sees Amaarae in her element, irresistibly charismatic and attracting all desires. From Ghana to the world, the message is clear: Amaarae is in control, us at her mercy, and it’s going to be that way for a while. 

More subliminally, there exists a message in the video for “Reckless and Sweet.” As Amaarae kicks her feet up, unphased by the distractions surrounding her, she holds a newspaper, aptly titled Daily Rae. “Repent! Fountain Baby is coming soon,” reads the headline. Fountain Baby will serve as the title of Amaarae’s next album, with the release date of soon being not close enough. In her last frame holding the magazine, Amaarae offers a smirk to the camera, sly and tormenting. If looks could kill, this one might before anticipation gets the best of us.

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