Amaya Santos Pours Her Heart Out on “Mr. Right”

Samantha DeCarlo

Released on May 12th 2023, Amaya Santos reaches a broad audience by speaking on a familiar situation. “Mr. Right” deals with a relatable tale of leaving someone you know is not a perfect fit for you, yet feelings are still involved. Through this mellow bop, she tells an engaging story, touching upon the common sentiment of "wasting time," which often accompanies being trapped in a relationship that isn't right. Although the lyrics may be somber, the song has lightheartedness that radiates joy.

Based in New York, her emotional music has been impacted by early 2000s Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. Her passionate voice is accompanied by soulful tones from Caribbean music as well as hip-hop beats. This fusion of genres adds a unique flavor to her sound, distinguishing her from her contemporaries. Fans of other artists like Ella Mai and Jorja Smith can find similarities within Amaya's lyrical intensity. Her lyrics are a reflection of her own life journey, exploring themes of love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and empowerment. She paints vivid pictures that allow listeners to connect with her on a deep, personal level. A compelling voice of her generation, she is dedicated to her craft and making a mark on the music industry. Known for her intriguing sound, relatable lyrics, and undeniable talent, Amaya is truly on the rise of becoming a sensational R&B artist.

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