Amber Ryann Releases New Single “SITUATIONSHIP” About Toxic Non-Commitment

“We got ourselves a situationship,

Don’t let nobody know cuz your girl might trip,

But if you ever cut me off then it just might slip”

In the dawn of the new age of dating, the girls are singing about being toxic to other girls too. With lyrics like Tory Lanez and a sound like Glass Animals or 070 Shake, Amber Ryann asserts herself as someone who won’t be a satisfied as a side-chick on her new single, “SITUATIONSHIP.” The tattooed singer proves she is comfortable being the villain, posting a video to Instagram of herself singing about her not-so-secret lover. Not one to be put in a corner, Amber Ryann is speaking to a flighty lover who has done her wrong one too many times. 

The track starts out with catchy vocoder-laden secondary melodies followed by guitar breakdowns and a hook delivered in Amber’s lower register. Most of Amber’s vocals are run through some sort of alterations, then multiplied or pitched down, giving an air of disguise as to the singer’s true voice.

Amber’s mastery of the electric guitar is co-signed by Ernie Ball, the leading manufacturer of guitar strings and a sponsor of Amber. Her classic white guitar can be seen and heard in the majority of the music and content she creates. Not only a killer guitar player, Amber also produces and directs her own music and media to command full control and cohesiveness of her personal brand.

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