Hadji Gaviota Takes Us to School on New Single, “GOOFY!”

Freddie Fine

Every time I have opened TikTok in the last three weeks, I have seen Hadji Gaviota in his classroom as “You a goofy, you a punk / I eat kids like you for lunch” blasts through my speakers — and I have loved it every time. Thankfully, “GOOFY!” is now out so I can listen to more than the 15 second snippet, and it’s already one of my favorite songs from Hadji.

He wastes no time getting into the meat of the song, jumping straight into the electric hook. Over a rattling guitar riff, Hadji speaks to himself from the perspective of a bully, threatening to get jumped or put in the trunk of a car, all while coming off playfully. The first verse tells a particularly unsuccessful story for Hadji, as he goes from talking to a girl to being made fun of, singing, “Heard you doing songs now, with your guitar, huh / I bet you think you’re too good for a job, huh? / How bout I give you one? Dig your own grave.” However, it is clear that Hadji is able to say this because of where he is at in his career, satirically making fun of his doubters in the process.

The second verse tells a very different story, yet still contains the same message of Hadji getting beaten up. A quick switch turns a trip for a slice of pizza into being chased by a huge man after Hadji steps on his shoes, singing, “So I ran into the shop, but this man was on the chase / He said, “How bout we do some skincare? Splash hot grease all on your face!”

This is definitely going to be on repeat for a long time to come. Listen to “GOOFY!” below:

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