Richie Quake Offers a Riveting and Revealing Single, “Cherry Red”

Olive Soki

Upon the announcement of his debut album, I Want Some, set to come out June 29th, Richie Quake gives fans something to look forward to with his new single, “Cherry Red.” Continuing on his path of self-discovery and honesty, “Cherry Red” offers vulnerable insight similar to “That’s Not Love” and “Crawl,” only this time exploring the alluring effects certain vices can have on his life.

Sung over split segments of simple basslines, accompanied by percussion and a heavily distorted chorus, every element of the song contributes to its conceptual intent. As he considers the pleasure and momentary happiness he derives from “Cherry Red,” Richie is instantly faced with the consequences of submitting to these forces. These details are heard through the contrast between the simplistic bass and the roaring guitars in the refrain. Weaving between desire and self-destruction, he can’t seem to avoid succumbing to his lustrous vices. Speaking on the song, Quake states, “Cherry Red is the personification of everything that makes me feel alive, but also is killing me at the same time.”

Poignant, yet thrilling, “Cherry Red” successfully contributes to Richie’s upcoming debut, while still unraveling his ever-growing and boundless sound.

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