BEL Releases Her Ode to Missed Connections, “Cake”

Olive Soki

Following the release of “PBR,” BEL is back with another wildly relatable track titled “Cake.” Light and breezy this one is for the helpless, and shy, romantics.

Starting with an inviting and scratchy acoustic guitar, BEL perfectly sets the scene for you. Stuck with the haunting memories of a potential lover she met at a party (potential PBR connection?), she replays the encounter. Bottling up all her feelings — the way introverts do —  she struggles to decide whether or not she should act upon her desires as she sings “I wanna stay but I can’t decide / Do you know what it’s like to keep it inside?”

While the track is just short of the three minute mark, it nearly feels infinite once you give into the story. Her songwriting, accompanied by her soothing harmonies, shines at its brightest regardless of time restrictions. It almost feels like you're watching it all happen right before your eyes. From the kitchen sulking and memory-ridden cake to the drive home and open rooftop, the track comes to life, infiltrating your own memories and unforgettable missed connections.

The third single to precede her upcoming EP Jet Lag, “Cake” only strengthens the case for her personable and breath-taking sound. Listen to the new track below:

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