Dominic Fike Pays Homage to Home State of Florida with the Anthemic “Dancing in the Courthouse”

Perry Avgerinos

No this is not a drill, our Florida king is back, for real. And speaking of Florida, Dominic Fike has created an anthemic record that would make any Floridian proud of where they are from. With his first release in over a year, Dom came through with new music at the perfect time. Heading into weekend one of Coachella where he is set to perform Sunday, “Dancing In The Courthouse” in a lot of ways encompasses the sound die hard fans have come to love and expect from the singer/songwriter – with that Naples live band backbone, saturated drum fills from Kenny Beats, Kid Harpoon, Jeff Gitty, and Dom’s honorable falsettos, the song met my expectations, and then exceeded them the more I listened.

There is this anthemic aura to it though – whether the song is just an epic introduction to his upcoming album, or possibly just an honorable soundtrack for his home state, either way I haven’t stopped listening. To fully digest a new Dominic Fike record, I of course first listened by watching the music video (which is a must watch below by the way). Directed by Jack Begert, and creative directed by his manager/creative partner Reed Bennett – the team captured the essence of the song with Floridia references galore. With cameos from the Island Boys, his sister, nephew, and more – fans gain further perspective of Dom rooted in his hometown, further connecting dots for his newer fans acquired via his role in season 2 of Euphoria. Even with the teaser videos that came first to let us assume new music was coming, the documentary style of them felt raw, honest, and unedited – where you see Fike converse with his brother ALX, and his mother Jessica. The way Dominic Fike and his creative team go about their rollouts and visuals is nothing but top tier, and continue to raise the bar for releasing music.

The future is blinding for the superstar musician, actor, model – multi-hyphenate, and I just feel lucky to be alive at the same time to witness greatness unfold in real time. Until the next single, I’ll be rinsing “Dancing In The Courthouse” until the last drop. Enjoy below:

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