Andrew Spacey Finds Closure in Atmospheric Single "Try"

Perry Avgerinos

We first teased the single when we announced that the St. Louis-based artist Andrew Spacey was taking over our Instagram, but today the wait for the sedated R&B flow in "Try" is finally over. Branding his sound as "#fantasytrap," Spacey paints a world where effort is discouraged, but rather – let his vibes take the wheel.

Beginning with his signature count in on the beat, Spacey projects a heartfelt story about a relationship on the brink of ending, with his airy vocal quality swimming through melodies, riding the slinky trap drums. It's hard not to reflect on everything that could have been different in a relationship after it turns sour, and an apologetic, and slightly regretful Spacey sings in the hook,

"You don't gotta try, you can just float,

Running out of time, but we sip slow,

I though we were fine we were this close,

One day you might find where your wish goes."

With emotive verses, and a hook as replayable as a Top 40 hit, "Try" may be my personal favorite from the surging artist yet, displaying a softer side of his talents – still being fully capable of bodying verses as seen on his previous release, "She Knew." Take Spacey's advice, don't try too hard, and just let his music do the persuading. Listen below.

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