Gunnar Gehl Flaunts His Golden Pipes in New Ballad “Dance Alone”

Joe DelloStritto

The golden voice, Gunnar Gehl, is back with his 2021 debut, “Dance Alone,” released last Thursday. In this piano ballad, Gunnar Gehl talks about how it’s a shame that the only person who knows him is now a stranger. A perfect track for Gunnar’s vocals, the stripped-down beat allows the singer to belt out ridiculously powerful melodies, with an undeniably crisp tenor. Gunnar sings,

"The only reason I was late to the party

Is I'm afraid to see you with somebody else

I'm through and I'm faded, and I think imma lose it

I don't want you to see me going through this hell."

Vulnerable and honest, Gunnar Gehl digs deep in this one, and it’s evident in his mourning voice. Commenting on the song, Gunnar said, “dance alone is that sad song about not wanting to see the person you love happy with someone else. no matter how selfish it is, I don’t want her to be with anyone else.” The track gains momentum throughout, culminating in a choir joining Gunnar for his last hook, along with a cinematic progression of drums and keys. Perfectly simple, and simply perfect, Gunnar does not disappoint with “Dance Alone.” Give it a listen today, and look out for the name Gunnar Gehl this year.

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