anees Starts the New Year off Right With New Single “free me”

Noah Schwartz

2023 was off to a good start – but it just got even better with this new release by anees. There is something special about his music and the way he goes about his rollouts. He takes his listeners along for the entire creative journey, with his unique ability to make his fans feel more like a family. By the time his song actually hits streaming platforms, it is no longer just his release day, but it’s our release day. 

“free me” was an immediate standout to me, even though anees has built up a catalog to where I could toss it on shuffle and enjoy all of the vibes he’s put out throughout the years. This one just hits home on a different level. The lyricism is extremely relatable and if you ever needed to get yourself out of a rut mentally, then “free me” is a perfect listen because anees is pretty much like your personal unpaid therapist for 2 minutes and 35 seconds. 

What I took away from the song was that you need to hone in on self-love and improvement. It’s not worth surrounding yourself with people who don’t reciprocate the energy you put towards them, because there are people out in the world that will. Ultimately, why surround yourself with people who are toxic? It will eventually lead to unhappiness and pain that you can avoid. Choose to be the free YOU and be with those who match that energy, respect, and love that you deserve.

Do yourself a favor and stream “free me” now!

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