anees Pours His Heart into New Single, “love is crazy”

Audrey Brandes

“If love is crazy, then maybe, baby, I’m insane,” croons anees on his latest single, “love is crazy,” a plucky, dynamic, and warm tune about the lengths one is willing to go for love. And according to anees, those lengths include “anything, literally anything.” This little ode has lyrics so sugary sweet they could make a grown man blush. If anyone can capture the head-over-heels enamourment that being in love entails, it’s anees. Singing, “It’s part of your magic / Yeah, the world shines a little brighter where you inhabit,” it’s clear that the DC-based artist knows how to pull at the heartstrings.

Not only does the lyricism on “love is crazy” describe the perfect mix of juvenile infatuation and genuine love, but the production itself captures the essence of falling in love perfectly. The bubbly track stands out on his discography, taking on a more melodic and gentle feel compared to some other laidback hip-hop inspired songs. I, for one, think it’s his best yet. “love is crazy” is the sonic embodiment of butterflies in one’s stomach, the sweetness of humid summer air – just plain beauty in simplicity. That’s anees for you. Listen to “love is crazy” here.

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