anees' Latest Single with Kevin Spears Is "too good to be true"

Freddie Fine

anees’ latest release, “too good to be true” featuring Kevin Spears is yet another example of his incredible talent if that wasn’t clear enough yet. The self described singer-rapper-songwriter has an incredibly strong message of just spreading positivity and love throughout everything, becoming a TikTok sensation. His singing videos from his car have caught the eyes of over 500k followers, using anecdotes from his music with clever wordplay, such as “So don’t ditch me like the autumn leaves / as the fall from the trees at the end of the summer.” The energy in his videos is infectious and inspiring, carrying over to his music.

Despite the somber message of “too good to be true,” anees’s delivery is captivating as he flows between silky vocals and earthy melodic raps. He described “too good to be true” as the far too relatable feeling of, “u ever love someone, but they don’t love u back with that same energy, but sometimes it feels like they do, but then ur reminded they don’t… that’s the energy here.” 

Kevin Spears provides a switch up on the second verse, putting his ethereal voice on full display. Between buttery lines and hitting the highest of high notes, he elevates the song to another level.

anees took to his Instagram to share a fascinating tidbit about the song – the pitched vocals you hear at both the beginning and end of the track was from a reel he shared on his socials, long before the song came out. In an Instagram live video he addressed the reel, saying it was from the very beginning of the creation of the track. It features him, Kevin Spears, and Zach Matari all harmonizing to the chorus in one of the initial recording sessions. 

The song also perfectly loops itself, so you’ll definitely want to be putting this one on repeat. Check it out below: 

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