Enter the Vibrant World of anees’s Single “slip”

Audrey Brandes

It’s made evident that anees knows how to bring the good vibes. Groovy drums, plucky guitar, and some jazzy frills come together with the artist’s pacy cadence. Existing somewhere between indie, jazz, and hip-hop, anees keeps the energy casual yet bright with his refreshing sound. anees has garnered some massive attention in 2020 alone – with just four songs out on Spotify, the Palestinian rapper was recently invited to perform the tune everyone’s talking about on NBC.

“slip” is a bubbly, melodic ode as he croons, “Nobody’s like you, nobody can compare, To the inside of your eyes and the way you play with your hair.” It’s enough to make someone blush just listening to it while simultaneously bopping your head along. He goes on to playfully sing, “I’d be a damn fool if I let you slip,” injecting an air of introspection into this otherwise sugary-sweet love song. Presenting a softer side to hip-hop, anees is breathing something beautiful into the scene. It’s clear that everything that comes out of his mouth is from the heart, his vision is pure, and he’s one to watch this summer.

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