Artist Spotlight: Aries

Joe DelloStritto

Aries began his music career unlike most, amassing over 430,000 YouTube subscribers recreating the beats of mainstream songs in under two minutes. The 22-year-old producer, songwriter, and singer has since solidified his reputation as a distinctive indie-rocker known for his unforgettable, experimental backtracks. His 2019 album “Welcome Home” consisted of 9 songs, all reaching over 1 million Spotify streams. Easily converting his YouTube followers into a dedicated fanbase, the emerging pop-rock star is back with new music. ⁣

His latest release, “Fools Gold,” boasts a distorted, gravely baseline atop Aries’ effortless, soothing vocals. As his first release in over a year, Aries reminded his fans exactly why they love him. Striking a perfect balance between indie-rock, classic rock, pop, and hip hop, Aries undeniably provides something for everyone. To cap off the anticipation for this release, Aries posted a “Fools Gold” music video depicting himself as a gold miner, and displaying his exuberant personality as he dances amongst a room of glimmering chandeliers.⁣

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