Anthony Russo Delivers the Song of the Summer, “Anyone (but you)"

Miles Opton

With summer on the horizon, there’s only one thing that can make it feel more real – new summer bangers. We all know the feeling. April comes around and our favorite artists just seem to start popping up to deliver timeless tracks that make you want to hop in your car and drive with the windows down. Well guess what, Anthony Russo, the LA-based singer who did just that with his 2020 single, “Nobody To Love,” is back for round 2 with his perfect pop track, “Anyone (but you).”

Overlaying crisp production with his smooth melodic flows, Anthony Russo tells us he wants this summer to be better than ever. He also adds a cherry on top with ear-candy background harmonies, and overflowing positive energy with lyrics like “Nothing I wouldn’t do for you, promise I will be true to you, pick a star and I’ll shoot for you.” If this isn’t the song of the summer, I don’t know what is.

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