DWLLRS Seek Truthful Love in New Single, "Fiction"

Perry Avgerinos

Having been early supporters of the power duo – DWLLRS (comprised of Joey and Bren), the two have only been on an upward trajectory since debuting their project in 2020. Aside from their 160k TikTok followers, and recent cosign from Justin Bieber, DWLLRS continue to offer heartbreak anthems as heard in their latest single, "Fiction."

The San Clemente, Californians bring an eclectic sound to their music, that can't quite be tied down to a single genre. With "Fiction," Joey and Bren blend elements of alternative, with their formant shifted, distorted amp-treated vocals, with poppy uptempo drum patterns, contrasted with indie acoustic guitar strums – a staple instrument their growing audience has come to love. Often taking their listeners to the same level of vulnerability they feel, DWLLRS let their powerful vocal tones lead the experience of each track, with the production acting as support to the main attraction.

With a wavy, atmospheric chorus, and a relatable songwriting style youthful generations can cling to, it's no wonder their TikTok has taken off. The two are consistently outside singing with just a mic and guitar, which is really all they need to tap into your emotions. As Joey and Bren continue to build their discography, be prepared to see these two pop up all over the internet and in venues in the next year.

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