“Heterochromia” Has Los Angeles Rapper kxvg Seeing a New Future

Carter Fife

It may be spring, but many of us are currently scouting ahead for the best songs to put on our summer playlists. Luckily this week, Los Angeles rapper kxvg (pronounced ‘king’) returns with his newest single, “Heterochromia,” ahead of his upcoming EP dropping next month. In many ways, it is exactly what you want out of a summertime banger – it’s fast-paced, it’s melodic, it’s thoughtful, and most importantly, it’s a banger. Following up his February single “Titania”, kxvg provides listeners with his signature internet-rap-meets-bedroom-pop style once again, but this time he throws fans a few curve balls to keep us on the edge of our seat. Buckle up, because this track may not be leaving your rotation anytime soon.

Picture this: It’s the summertime, coronavirus is but a distant memory, and you and your friends are driving down PCH with the windows rolled down. If you’re on aux, you should definitely be playing “Heterochromia” – because what better way to usher in this new carefree-era than with a futuristic hip-hop banger? “Heterochromia” sees kxvg detail the unfortunate end of a relationship over a futuristic mix full of shining synths, heavy percussion, and his ethereal vocals. Though the song is admittedly bittersweet, its ability to balance forward-thinking optimism with romantic sentimentality is what makes it so special. Perfect for speeding down the highway or chilling with your friends, “Heterochromia” is a strong dose of effortless catharsis that we all desperately need right now. Check it out below and you’ll see what I mean.

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