Bay Area's Samaria Finds Her Peace of Mind In New Single, "Out the Way"

Perry Avgerinos

It looks like the Bay area may have another rising star on its hands. Meet Samaria – the 24 year old silky singer/songwriter, stealing the spotlight with her soul-injected R&B rhythm and flows – in her new single, "Out The Way."

Inspired by the likes of '90's staples: Destiny's Child and Justin Timberlake, Samaria builds on the trademark aura and sound of this generation, with the fusion of her own raw emotional vocal flares, and melodic runs, giving the industry's' brightest and finest a run for their money. Over a gliding bassline, and snappy drum samples, Samaria reflects on old conversations with her ex – overanalyzing – pinpointing where she went wrong, and how things could have went differently. Rather than try and repair wounds, Samaria wrote this song, and I think she made her point when she says,

"Taxi need a rehab,

You just need to relax,

See what you’ve been on,

Pushin’ me back in to relapse, you need some peace,

But what you think I need?

I need that."

With Samaria, it's the way she uses phrasing, dictating extra connotation within her lyrics, riding pockets of the beat – that gives weight to certain words within her harmonies that feels exceptional. It's far too easy to scroll up on an old chat with an ex (if you didn't delete it) and fall back into the headspace you were in during that period of time. As counterproductive as this may seem, in some ways it can be closure in a final chapter, and "Out The Way," is Samaria's way of saying goodbye. Find closure with a listen below.

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