Artemas Comes Through With Viral “if u think i’m pretty”

Ian Hansen
Credit: Reuben Bastienne-Lewis

If you're active in the TikTok universe, you've probably already stumbled upon Artemas. Whenever I'm on the app, his content consistently appears on my For You page, and the music he shares never fails to miss. He offered a sneak peek of his latest release, "if u think i'm pretty," through videos that garnered millions of views.

Artemas is no stranger to viral success, boasting 66.9k followers and 3.8 million likes on TikTok, and it's well-deserved. With each new release, he brings a refreshing and unique sound to the table. "If u think i'm pretty" is a mesmerizing blend of dark R&B and electronic elements, featuring powerful basslines, groovy vibes, and an anthemic atmosphere. This is a different direction from his hit track, "cross my heart," which ingeniously combines R&B and Jersey club influences.

Artemas is an abundant source of creativity, and I have no doubt that he's destined to become a superstar in the near future. His music is made for live performances, and I expect his following to continue growing. Keep a close watch on Artemas, as he's a rising star in the making.

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