Quarters of Change Share Their Illuminating Single, “Heaven Bound”

Olive Soki

New York's finest alt-rock band Quarters of Change have had a crazy twelve months. With the successful release of their debut album Into the Rift and the months of on and off touring that took place after its release, to anybody who actively kept up with the band it felt like they were one viral moment away from taking over the world. Continuing their winning streak, they’ve released the fourth and final single from their upcoming sophomore LP, Portraits, “Heaven Bound.”

Vast, atmospheric, and sonically reminiscent of the 80s, “Heaven Bound” delivers on QOC’s signature strong-suits. Ten seconds shy of five minute mark, the single  progressively grows in ardor, giving ample room for lead singer Ben Roter's voice to cut through the darkness and vast soundscape – a bit like the radiant glow emitted from a lighthouse on a stormy night.

This comparison merely stands on its own once you consider underlying themes of fate, and isolation peppered throughout each verse. Speaking on the intent behind the single Ben explains, “‘Heaven Bound’ is about a period of nihilism, isolation, and addiction, specifically using addiction to cope. It’s about feeling detached from the world and searching for meaning. In the end, it’s an anthem of acceptance, inevitable fate.” And in classic Quarter of Change fashion, the emotional intent of the song is cemented with a soaring solo one can only imagine will drive their fans wild once played live.

Sure to convince any non-believers of the power of Quarters of Change, “Heaven Bound” marks another outstanding single added to the band’s discography.

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