Reconciling Regret and Forgiveness with Asha Imuno’s new single “PUSHING BUTTONS”

Erica Wei
Credit: dé la grimm

Like an outlaw in his own mind, Asha Imuno’s newest single and music video for “PUSHING BUTTONS” illustrates the grappling of suppressed feelings and memories that were fuelled by impulses. The religious imagery conveys the gravity of Imuno’s self-destructive habits and consequential internalized shame, as he yearns for forgiveness. Imuno opens the single with a look into his internal monologue, “Why you dodging, why you ducking?” While trying to move on, the lyric reveals how difficult it can be to accept and forgive oneself for past decisions. Imuno’s personified shadow in the music video, to me, feels like the harsh reality of living with two truths. How can we forgive ourselves for the things we’ve done in the past that have either hurt others or ourselves, especially when we are constantly reminded of these moments? How can we begin to walk in our light and step away from the shadows? 

Asha Imuno comes off the high of his breakthrough hit “ZIG ZAGGING” with 10M independently garnered streams. “PUSHING BUTTONS” is a taste for what’s to come on his debut album Pins & Needles, produced by Imuno himself and collaborator Zach Ezzy (Jordan Ward, Alex Isley). The project reflects on the growing pains of his youth, the nuances of his vices, and growing up as a Black kid from the Inland Empire. Hailing from the Los Angeles based POC-led community KOGO (with Curtis Waters, Alé Araya, CONNIE, KOAD & more), I look forward to where his creative energies take him in this next project. If you like Jordan Ward, Chase Shakur, Amindi, or Khamari, I’d suggest you listen to Asha Imuno.

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