Noah Kahan Proves That Gold Can Be Struck More Than Once with New Single “Dial Drunk”

Riley Furey

In an attempt to continue the narrative of one of the most viral albums of 2022, Noah Kahan embarked on a new journey of self discovery through his songwriting. Only this time, he tackled the project without his medication because he started to feel that it brought on an unwelcome creative block. This led to some of the highest heights and some of the lowest lows, and throughout that fight, magic was made. Every song on Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) is beautiful in its own right, but one track in particular revealed itself to be the cream of the crop; “Dial Drunk.”

“Dial Drunk” was made in collaboration with the team that brought Homesick from the original album to life which included industry veteran Gabe Simon on production and, bright eyed newcomer, Noah Levine on the soul shattering guitar solo. This time around though, the recent Berklee dropout took a step deeper into Noah Kahan’s world and picked up the pen right alongside him. I asked Noah Levine if when the two of them wrote this song they knew it would  be special, he said “Honestly, we didn’t go into it with the intent of writing anything special. He came over to play some basketball with me and my friends, and then we ended up deliriously writing a song for fun in my room and came up with the first draft of ‘Dial Drunk.’”

The track came to life in 20 year-old Noah Levine’s self-proclaimed “sketchy little apartment” back in Boston and has been one of the best received follow up hits in recent memory, most notably reaching #6 on the Spotify Global Debut Charts. Almost every Friday I wake up searching for the best new music that comes out, but in an all too rare fashion, “Dial Drunk” found its way to me right along with the rest of the world. Noah Kahan and his team have done it once again, and have shown us that folk music is back and here to stay.

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