A Raw Honesty From April Jai on "You Didn't Notice"

Samantha DeCarlo

Residing in London, April Jai is a rising UK pop artist. April has released two original EPs and a number of singles, including the viral hit "It Ends With Us" on TikTok. In her songs, April combines catchy melodies with introspective lyrics to pull at the heartstrings of her fans. Her new track, “You Didn’t Notice,”  was inspired by artists like Gracie Abrams and Olivia Rodrigo. 

April explains, “This song is about feeling abandoned by a happy version of myself who promised not to let my sad self take over anymore. But I’ve definitely had people relate to it from the perspective of a friend or loved one not noticing that you’re slipping back into a dark place. I love that it’s ambiguous and that the listener can decide how to interpret it.” Blending dark synths with acoustic guitars, the vibe of the song is relaxing and up-beat. Making for a great addition to a chill day playlist, offering a comforting escape for listeners. 

During the recording process, April faced challenges in capturing the emotional intensity of the song. She notes, “I had these demo vocals which I recorded in my bedroom right after I wrote it, that were super emotional and raw. I tried to replicate them in the studio with much better equipment than I have at home but when I was editing them, they just didn’t hit as hard. Ultimately I decided to stick with the demo vocals, which was a hard decision because there are definitely flaws in them but it just felt right.” This decision highlights her commitment to authenticity and the importance of staying true to the initial creative vision. “You Didn’t Notice” showcases April's ability to incorporate different elements and create a sound that is uniquely her own.

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