Reg Mason Lives Outside The Box on New Single “STÉ”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Hassan Mahmood

Being stuck between a rock and a hard place has never sounded as enthralling as it does on Reg Mason’s newest single “STÉ.” The New Jersey artist reconciles with the contrasting loves of his partner and his passion, having reached the breaking point in at least one of the relationships. Mason’s energy on the track resembles that of a lava lamp: he’s nonconforming, carried around by the weight of his own decisions and nothing else. He’s more undecided than stressed, this subtle difference allowing him enough freedom to truly express himself on the track.

 “'STÉ’ is about the internal battle that occurs when you’re with someone who you’re not entirely sure accepts the fundamental part of you that is being an artist,” Mason explains in a press release. “Anyone who has been in the position where they have to choose whether or not they will give up their dreams for a relationship knows this feeling, including myself, and that’s something I’m not willing to compromise.” His commitment to his craft pays off in dividends, with “STÉ” making an impression that is sure to outlast any second thoughts he might have about a lost relationship. 

True to his roots, Mason made the choice to film the song’s lyric video in a diner, seeing as they are just as native to New Jersey as the artist. “Call it quits before I call you over / Close my door before I ask for closure,” he raps, standing up a little straighter in his delivery of these lyrics for added intensity. “STÉ” is Mason’s second release of the year following “CHECKERBOARD!”. With each outing, Mason proves his versatility and depth as an artist, two qualities that are proving invaluable for the young artist as he builds on every release. 

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