Avery Lynch Gives Us a Glimpse Into Her Life With 'The Kids Table' [Interview]

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Avery Lynch is one of the most personable and talented new artists out right now. Her recent EP, The Kids Table takes her fans through her personal experiences through various parts of her life growing up. The project is personable to her and sonically sounds incredible. Get to know Avery Lynch below:

Congrats on your album, The Kids Table. How thrilling is it having the album out and what was the process of bringing it together?

I always write for a project, but I never know what the project is going to be. I kind of just write songs, and it builds a theme as it goes because it is my thought process at the time. The first song I wrote on it was “Love of My Life.” I wrote it last summer which was a love song. We just saved it for later, and then I wrote “Sleepover,” which is kind of a love song. We were like, “Okay, we can see a trajectory.” I moved to L.A. and started revisiting past experiences and wrote about those. The rest of the project carried itself.

“okay” was the last song that I did. I was talking to my boyfriend who produces my stuff, and he was the one who produced “okay.” I was talking to him about how I really wanted to do a duet, but with a girl. I wanted it to be something haunting and relaxing. Rosie is one of my close friends, and I have had her as a friend since college. She has been my friend through this whole process. I reached out to her, and I wanted to do a mental health lullaby kind of thing. It’s supposed to make you feel normal when you don’t feel normal. She was the perfect person to do that with. We also have a strange ability to make our voices sound the same. We had a lot of fun doing that.

How did the name, The Kids Table come together? How did it fit the thematic experience?

The Kids Table was actually a title I came up with about two weeks before my very first EP came out like two years ago. I was on a Maryland vacation with my family, and I was sitting on a boat, and it hit me. I thought it would be such a cool title for a project. I told my sisters about it and they thought it would be so cool. They told me I just needed to save it and really work that title. Later, I didn’t have any idea what to write and we had a session and had nothing to write about. I was like, “You know what, let me dig up this old concept I had two years ago and see what we can do with it.” We wrote “Kids Table,” the song. As I was writing all of the songs, all of them had taken place in a time that is The Kids Table.

The Kids Table EP is essentially about being in that awkward stage of your life where you are still a kid but are also an adult and have adult responsibilities, but when you go home you sit at the kid’s table with your mom. You’re so conflicted because you love it and you don’t want it to change but on this day, you stop. You don’t know when it’s going to end. It’s also the realization that when you get older, you still feel the same. I wanted to write about that because we are all experiencing that. It’s a thought in my brain all the time because I just graduated and live in L.A. now. It’s all very confusing. All the rest of the songs fit into the same thing. It’s about the relationships I’ve been in through that process. “i’m sorry if i hurt u sometimes” is a reflection on my relationship I had in high school and college. I dated him for five years. Now, three years later, I have a different outlook on it so I wanted to write about it.

“Love of My Life” is about being young but when you meet someone and you’re just convinced. “okay” is about mental health and how we are at the age where all of your mental issues reach their full capacity. It all comes together. “Sleepover” is about the fun part of being in that age. I wanted it to be a period piece in my life. I wanted it to be something that can reflect exactly what was going on in different sectors of my life and now I have it. It’s there and a lot of people can relate to them.

What do you want your fans to grasp from this project?

I want them to have more of an insight on my life. This one, I wanted it to be completely about me. People can actually get something from my life and the music and will be able to relate to it. I wanted to also talk about subjects that are hard to talk about. ”could never be me” and “okay” are about generally shameful topics that people don’t want to ever bring up. They are kind of suppressed. Since I’ve released it, I have gotten so many dm’s from people that have experienced the same place. It’s reaching the people I intended for it to reach.

I always love when artists bring out the vulnerable side of things.

I wanted it to be authentic. Everyone likes “could never be me” the most. I thought that was going to be the hidden gem on the EP. I didn’t even write that to be catchy, I wrote it as it went. I didn’t put any thought behind it besides that these are the words I’m going to say and this is how I’m going to say it. It’s really surprising to me. I thought no one was going to listen to it. It’s really cool to see that people care about it.

Most artists I’ve interviewed say that the song they didn’t think would do numbers, actually do.

It always happens like that. I’m cool with it.

This year has been big for you. What is it like seeing your TikTok go up and really getting a loyal fanbase?

I feel like I’m doing exactly what I’ve been wanting to be doing. I wanted to do the slow-growth, develop a fanbase, and make it a career route. That’s been my ultimate goal. It would be so terrifying if I had something blow up over night. I want to do the slow growth thing. I’m never going to write something for TikTok. It just won’t happen. It’s helping me reach my people so my people are seeing my stuff which is great. It makes them feel like they are still a part of it. This EP is about solidifying those relationships with those fans. We are all in this together.

You have the perfect mindset that most creatives should have which is making stuff for you and the close-knit people who support you. Moving on, who or what inspires your sound and creative process?

I have been growing on what I have already done and challenging myself beyond what I did last time. My biggest inspiration is Sara Bareilles. I want to end up in that sphere. Not on Broadway doing T.V. shows type of sphere. More of where her name sits in people’s minds. She is not like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are. I don’t want to be like that because it is too much. I want to make this my career and my life, but not in a way that is pop star level. I want to sit in the space of, “She did the damn thing.” Recently, in the past year, I’ve been listening to Holly Humberstone. Listening to her taught me the middle ground and the mid-tempo space. I knew my voice sounded well in that because my voice always fit well when I did covers.

It never really connected until I got obsessed with Holly Humberstone music. That is what I started with. From there, it evolved into me. Now that I have that style in my toolkit, I can use elements of it.

What is next for you? What can fans look forward to from you?

Right now, I’m working on the next As Written EP. It’ll be almost two years since the first one came out by the time this one comes out. I’m so excited to go back to it. It’s the most me thing I could ever do. I just record all of the songs myself, and my boyfriend and I produce them. It feels so full circle. I’ll do eight songs — four new ones and four old ones. We want to do a tour at some point. That is kind of what we are doing at the moment. I have a thing with flying. I don’t fly. I have a phobia of it. I live on the east coast so I do road trips across the country. My A&R thought it would be cool to do a “Because I can’t fly tour,” where I take different routes across the country and perform in the places I stop and then do the way back. It would be a cool way to bring people into my issues.

Final question, what do you do outside of music?

I am the biggest hobby person. I love reading. I love doing puzzles. I love watching movies. I also make miniature rooms. I have done a tiny kitchen, and I am currently doing a tiny bedroom. You get a kit, but you have to make everything. It is really fun.

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