Justus Bennetts Comes Through With Relatable Single, “Dead Inside”

Ian Hansen

Justus Bennetts recent single “Dead Inside” is one of those tracks that sonically sounds uptempo and dreamy, but lyrically speaks on dark topics such as hopeless love and mental health. Starting with the production which has an ear-candy infused melody, reminds me of the type of music MGMT makes. Justus Bennetts seamlessly merges pop-punk and indie-pop with sharp flows and a chorus that highlights his effortless vocal cadence.

The anthemic chorus comes in hot with him saying, “No one else can make me feel so dead inside while making my heart melt,” which is something most of us have gone through one way or another. He goes into the verse and spits some bars that add a cherry to the icing of the track. There are so many different moments in this track that I would consider highlights, and it is understandable why Justus Bennetts gravitates toward so many.

The Capitol Records artist has a gift for merging the likes of pop, rock, and hip-hop into his own atmosphere that is unlike any other artist out right now.

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