Sam MacPherson Treats Fans With New Pop Heartbreak Song, “Backseat (All I Got)"

Sundhya Alter

TikTok, as a music platform, has quickly become one of the most prolific avenues for the circulation of music new and old. Unlike previous music platforms, TikTok audiences can turn an artist from ‘emerging’ to trending with a singular video. The app's participatory function, facilitating a rapid spread of views, makes a rising artist's breakout continent on the 30 second teaser that may or may not grab the short attention span of its users. For Sam MacPherson, catching the attention of an audience on the platform wasn’t difficult nor was it short lasting. Now, as a signed artist with Elektra Records, Sam is by no means halting the momentum he picked up along the way. With new release, “Backseat (All I Got),” the New Jersey artist delivers yet another single touching the hearts of all those heartbroken and confused.

Chronicling the painful realization of a surface level connection, Sam MacPherson lyrically deconstructs the very human tendency to avoid the paradox between the head and the heart. In a regretful revelation, Sam’s lyrics take on the depth that the relationship appears to have lacked. While the chorus is where Sam floats in a blissful and natural tenor range, the body of the second verse is where we see him grounded in admitting the hard, honest truth — “So is this it, parking lots and our half hearted conversation, dangerously patient, it's fine for a while the illusion is fading, but since we’re skin to skin in my car, won’t bring it up in the dark.” Throughout the song the rising artist harmonizes with himself in place of an entourage of instruments, tapping into the isolating and heavy emotions that inevitably follow a connection that's found its end.

With a mellow backtrack, the rising artist ambitiously lays out the simple truth. Avoiding discursive symbols and blurred meaning in his songwriting, Sam puts everything out in the open, his candid nature making him that much more appealing.

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