Äyanna Shares “Say You Love Me” Ahead of Upcoming Project

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Maddie Cordoba

In the excess of love songs released daily, it's become increasingly challenging to find tracks that effectively capture a paradoxically universal, yet subjective emotion. On prior release “Girlfriend,” LVRN signee Äyanna used infectious melodies to express her desires in a charming, charismatic manner; on new single “Say You Love Me,” the UK artist is just as bold and enrapturing in her approach. There’s a similar tension to the former track, with Äyanna seemingly knowing all the answers her partner is looking for. “Say You Love Me” is a perfect representation of being on the brink of romance, scared to take the leap but excited by its possibilities. There’s courage in her voice, subtle but well-complimented by her sweeping vocals. In a press statement, Äyanna shares more about the song: "Say You Love Me' is my favourite song in the project. To me it feels like the perfect stadium love song to sing. I remember when I was creating it with Ari Pensmith, Daoud and Ben Billions, I told them I wanted to know what an Rnb ballad would sound like if it was inspired by ‘Sunflower’ by Post Malone which was one of my favourite songs at the time. Every time I hear or sing this song, it takes me back to where I was when I wrote it — experiencing love for the first time."

Along with the single comes a music video, seemingly an extension of the earlier visual released for “Girlfriend.” Having captured the object of her desire, Äyanna is radiant and comfortable - all eyes are on her and she’s embracing it. Accompanying the release is the announcement of Äyanna’s debut project, In A Perfect World, due September 13 via LVRN. As buzz continues to build, Äyanna has positioned herself as a burgeoning star in R&B and beyond. With more of the story soon to be told on In A Perfect World, there’s much to be excited for. 

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