Bakar Showcases His Songwriting Abilities On "Right Here, For Now"

Vincent Merry

British, indie rock singer Bakar is back with his latest single "Right Here, For Now." The Black Butter artist from Camden Town is back in album mode with his new LP releasing in late September. After a resurgence of his hit "Hell N Back" on TikTok, Bakar is poised to captivate the ears of many new listeners.

"Right Here, For Now" evokes themes of young love and self-redemption with Bakar’s vocals sounding smooth as ever as he croons, “You know, I could reimburse you, paid the price for how I hurt you”. Although this track feels less polished than his previous hits, the layered vocals create a memorable experience that leaves the listener humming the song throughout the day: “I can’t wait till you’re right here”

In Right Here, For Now, Bakar remains true to his signature vocal style, but what about the instrumental production? It is quintessentially Bakar. An indie rock drum set and psychedelic synth start the track off, reminiscent of the early work by Foster The People. Once we settle into the rhythm, Bakar introduces a deliciously warm guitar strumming an instant-classic indie rock riff - a perfect blend of early 2000s indie-rock revival and contemporary, bedroom-pop styles.

So are we surprised by “Right Here, For Now”? No.

Is Right Here, For Now” another indie-rock hit? Yes.

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