Meet Ms. REHMA: LA’s Newest Superwoman

Erica Wei

Backdropped against the Los Angeles cityscape, the magical realism and cosmic abstractions in REHMA’s “HYPNOTIC” single and music video gives major superhero energy. With REHMA’s fighting companion, Alé Araya by her side, the video oozes powerful femme energy, disrupting traditional superhero narratives & fucking sh*t up, yuh. This is especially true since REHMA & Alé Araya are just as much combat companions as they are genuine collaborators. The Pakistani femme fatale shines in front of the camera with ease and presence.

Inspired by a community of powerful femme creatives, “HYPNOTIC” is produced by Alé Araya & Rhea Raj, directed by Elise Schatz, and styled/creative directed by REHMA's older sisters Rumsha & Rohaina Hassan. The sound pulls from neo-pop, progressive R&B, and electronic influences, garnering over 650K views across platforms.

I will be anticipating her forthcoming project titled Anomaly. Her energy & message is much needed. I’m excited to see what’s next for her.

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