Listen To Your New Comfort Song in Max Frost’s “Creep Back”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Laura Partain

So much of music is instinctual - not only for artists, but listeners as well. The most satisfying listen is often the first one, when the prospect of this new song becoming a new favorite is still in play. When pressing play on Nashville-based artist Max Frost’s newest single “Creep Back,” your first impulse is to dial up the volume a couple notches higher. The driving instrumental creates an immediate intensity you’re eager to invest in, the intermittent piano thumps creating a sense of suspense that grabs you by the ears. Starring on the track, Frost’s tale of heartbreak builds as layers are added to the track, only deepening the helpless sorrow expressed in his performance. “Creep Back” resists a melancholic tone despite its desolate spirit, positioning itself as a go-to track for any time loneliness invites unwanted memories. 

“When I wrote it, I had been living in isolation at the cusp of the pandemic freshly after a breakup,” Frost says of the track. “Despite all kinds of distractions, tours, and good things happening in my life, this person just remained a fixture in my mind. It came to a point where I expected it might never change. I was at the end of a session where we hadn’t gotten much. We were having some wine and a conversation about those ones that got away and my friend said, ‘you know, it’s just funny how even years later those good ones can just creep back in there.’" Even in its universal sentiment, Frost struggled to piece the song together until producer Luke Niccoli “tied the whole thing together,” Frost says in a press release. 

With a love for music that started with a guitar at 8 years old, Max Frost has continued a steady development with each release. Early singles “White Lies” and “Adderall” earned Frost momentum leading into his 2018 debut project Gold Rush, which he has parlayed into live shows that put his talent on full display. Having shared the stage with Gary Clark Jr, Panic! At The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots, Frost has surrounded himself with the right influences to continue to advance his artistry forward. No matter where he goes next, “Creep Back” will undoubtedly follow him and his listeners as a welcome reminder of the past. 

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