Jay Safari’s “Cup Full” Should Be Added To Everyone’s Playlist

Marissa Duldulao

Talented vocalist Jay Safari is an artist that everyone needs to hear. I first heard Jay’s song “Dance” not too long ago off of his 2022 album, Bad Decisions. Right away, I was very impressed by his vocals and production as it reminded me of the way Pharrell Williams would craft his music, especially during the N.E.RD. era. 

Recently, he dropped his single “Cup Full.” This track is very nostalgic as you can hear influences from older R&B and soul sounds, especially from the 2000s. Jay’s soothing flow perfectly blends in with the dance-pop beat creating a brisk, but simple energy throughout the track. 

Another factor that plays into Jay’s music is his lyricism. Through his music, he expresses emotion and meaning like on his tracks, “Are You Even Sorry,” and “Mamacita.” Overall, Jay is a skilled artist, writer, and producer when it comes to bringing back older sounds in the R&B and soul and pop industry. Give “Cup Full” a listen and you’ll most likely want to be more looped in with Jay Safari. I’m excited to see what’s next for him and his career!

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