Cautious Clay Announces First Full-Length Album Alongside a New Track, “Karma & Friends”

Rachel Guttman

Singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Cautious Clay, has just announced his highly anticipated new album, Deadpan Love, and released a new song, “Karma & Friends,” to accompany this exciting news. Cautious Clay kicked off 2021 with a new single entitled, “Roots,” with which he announced that an album was coming soon. After months of anticipation – the wait is finally over. Alongside “Roots” and latest single, “Karma & Friends,” his album will feature two of his earlier tracks, “Dying in the Subtlety” and “Agreeable,” in addition to ten more songs. Deadpan Love will spotlight writing collaborations between Cautious Clay and other talented artists such as; Tobias Jesso Jr., Jesse Shatkin, Ammar Malik, Sir Nolan, and more.

Cautious Clay has expressed that this album will explore the way in which he deals with the worst of what humanity has to offer. He also shared that his project is concerned with oppositions, specifically the way that people have two different sides to them. People appear one way to the public, as if they are in a “deadpan” state, and it can seem as though they are unbreakable. However, on the inside, they have an alternative world that is completely distinct from their outer layers. People are sympathetic and compassionate, yet they are also skeptics, and Cautious Clay will express this duality through his music. The track list for his first full-length album can be found below, along with his new single “Karma & Friends.”

  1. High Risk Travel
  2. Shook
  3. Karma & Friends
  4. Strange Love (feat. Saba)
  5. Box of Bones
  6. Agreeable
  7. Dying In The Subtlety
  8. Why Is Your Clay So Cautious?
  9. Artificial Irrelevance
  10. Whoa
  11. Wildfire
  12. Spinner
  13. Roots
  14. Bump Stock

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