Kazwick Continues to Shine on His Own in New Single, "Nosebleed"

Ian Tsang

Hapa artist/producer, Kazwick, is back with his first release of the year. Born “Kaden Dippe,” the LA based talent self-produced “Nosebleed” – a guitar driven track about finding love in wanderlust. The track boasts melodic baselines “Dipped” in reverb: the signature sound he coined throughout his still-fledgling musical career.

“Driftin’ to your space and stars,

We can go back to my place,

Really wanna bring you back to my place.”

From start-to-finish, Kazwick’s skill for navigating the vocal spectrum goes on full display. With elegant use of auto-tune, reverb, and guitar playing done by the man himself – Kazwick’s newest track becomes yet another example of his all-in-one mastery. At “1:38,” he bends the boundaries of the musical scale, dropping in-and-out of key in a phenomenal bridge.

While Kazwick’s earliest release was a mere year ago, the bedroom-pop artist has garnered much traction with only four songs. “Sitting in My Room Alone,” his first release, has nearly 200k streams – with “3am Kawaii,” a joint venture with MDNT BLXNDE, following closely with almost 150k. Kaden describes his music as “dreamy pop music that pulls from indie rock, R&B, and hyper-pop.” With the talent that he has, “Nosebleed” serves as the beginning of his 2021 campaign: a breakout year in which the budding star hopes to grow both his following and artistry alike.

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