Eric Zayne’s “Tropicana Kisses” Is A Summer Playlist Essential

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Impulse Artists

Some songs are simply built with the DNA of a summer jam, as if molded by the heat. The time is now for Eric Zayne’s newest single, “Tropicana Kisses,” a sun-kissed anthem with an air of romance perfectly fitted for the moment. The song finds a balance between referencing the funk classics of the past and the pop-influence of today - “Tropicana Kisses” feels like it could have soundtracked any summer of the past; we should be thankful to close out the one we’re living in with an effortlessly nostalgic track. 

In a press release with the song’s release, Zayne says he wanted to “make music that feels like the classic songs that have inspired my career," citing Jamiroquai and Prince as influences on the track specifically. Leaning into these inspirations has led Zayne to a formative sound, one that never grows stale and seems to be in constant evolution. “Tropicana Kisses” is only the latest among his track record of dynamic creativity. 

Having now developed a distinguishable style, Zayne is able to reflect on the profound impact music has had on his life. “I am a refuge kid. Being a child of war from the Congo evacuated at the age of 12 without my family left me to raise myself,” he explains. In just a few years, Zayne had worked himself into a position as an artist to perform across the globe, an incredible story of perseverance and self-belief. His credits as a producer include several radio-dominant singles and contributions to the work of H.E.R., Cee Lo Green, Dr. Dre, Jordin Sparks, and others. In 2019, he won his category at the Hollywood Music Awards for his songs with Jeremy Renner, finding placements in several movies and campaigns. Zayne’s music is - among many things - adaptable, fitting in a number of circumstances. While “Tropicana Kisses” is best-suited for summer theatrics, the track is sure to outlive the moment and serve as a fan favorite for seasons to come. 

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