There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel in Ben Kessler’s “April”

Ian Hansen

After releasing various singles and an EP in 2021, Ben Kessler didn’t waste any time continuing his upward momentum in 2022. “April” continues to bring his mellow style and soothing vocals to the forefront.

The track is about the seasons changing and one of the most memorable lines, “But changing seasons makes me shaken,” encapsulates the raw emotion and themes presented throughout. It brings relatable lyrics about being stuck inside during the cold winter thinking about every little thing. Like this track, there is always light at the end of tunnel, as April is just around the corner.

The production brings simplistic, yet spacey and emotional keys that blend perfectly with Kessler’s vocals. The track is arranged in a way where the drums don’t come in until halfway through, but it only forces the listener to take in Kessler’s message even more. The second half – where the whole song comes together – parallels the message of the song and feels as if the light at end of the tunnel has been reached. Listen to "April" below:

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