Brevin Kim Begins Album Rollout with New Single “DYE”

Nate Rummel

In September of 2021, Massachusetts-born duo Brevin Kim started hinting at an upcoming album, and on January 12th, they released its lead single, “DYE." The self-produced track is simple yet complex, dark yet energetic, and could fit equally well into the soundtrack of an action or horror movie.

When I stumbled across Brevin Kim in 2019, I had no idea what I was listening to – but I loved it. Their song “somebody, some body” immediately had me hooked. They’ve created a completely unique sound, combining trap, punk, and alternative influences among others. Distortion, reverb, and autotune are their bread and butter.

Lyrically, “DYE” is aggressive and vulnerable, detailing frustration, anger, and suicidal thoughts. The duo noted that when they started writing the song, “both were turning a page but in two completely different ways,” and this track details their struggles with those changes.

Their dark and cryptic persona comes through in their songs, promotional content, and even the title of the upcoming album, PAIN MUSEUM. They’re doing things their own way, and it’s paying off. With recognition from Rolling Stone & Lyrical Lemonade and placements on Spotify’s tear drop & anti pop playlists, they’re starting to get the traction they’re looking for.

The two brothers, Cal and Bren Paulhus are signed to No Matter Records, an independent record label started by Jacob Moore and Alex Gardner of Pigeons and Planes. With a well-established team supporting their every move, it’s only a matter of time until Brevin Kim really takes off.

The duo is truly in a lane of their own, and it’s criminal they haven’t received more mainstream attention. However, as the PAIN MUSEUM rollout continues, that may start to change. Check out their new single, “DYE” below.

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