Moe Young’s “Electric” Is Exactly What the Title Suggests

Joe DelloStritto

Internet Money signee Moe Young released his debut single, “Shot With Me,” featuring lilspirit at the very end of 2020. Turning heads with his blissful vocals and undeniable energy, we tossed Moe Young into our Artist Spotlight playlist. Without further ado, the Arkansas native is back with his second release under the hit-making label: “Electric.”

As you would imagine, the track is, for lack of a better word, electric. Reminiscent of The Weeknd, “Electric” fits the tone and mood of After Hours to a tee. Featuring bright production and a quick, electronic tempo, Moe Young flutters his high tenor vocals over this sex-driven track. Settling into his unique style of R&B, Moe Young is equal parts polished and experimental, singing,

"Feel so electric when you in my bed,

Of course you shedding tears when you’re waking up.

Like the doors on the coup I got your legs in the air,

Leave your body shaking like you have a seizure."

It sounds like Moe is having quite the time. The track rumbles on dominated by the alluring vocals of the rising star, as he mixes flows and melodies with veteran ease. While “Shot With Me” has already amassed close to half a million streams, we project “Electric” to do more than just surpass his debut single. Add “Electric” to your daily rotation today.

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