Blood Cultures Offers up Yet Another Riveting Musical Journey in Their New Single “Beneath the Moon & Me”

Conner Crosby

Building off of and experimenting with a louder, more overt corner of their incredibly nuanced sound, Blood Cultures is back with another banger in “Beneath the Moon & Me.” In a similar vein to their 2018 track “Dunk on Me,” the song alternates between the abrasive industrial EDM ruckus and soft, melodic segments to provide a delightfully dynamic sonic adventure.

Blood Cultures modifies their formula by jumping right into higher octane portion of the song before any sort of melodic introduction, and instead of concluding with a short outro or a grandiose finale, the track decrescendos into a smooth, bright, nostalgia-imbued conclusion that pairs sweet vocals and subdued instrumentation in a sort of celebratory comedown from the violently psychedelic chaos of its first two minutes. The video features the group’s signature combination of surrealism and nostalgia, but differs in its abandonment of most narrative elements for a more purely expressionistic approach. The result is another challenging, entertaining, and exciting audiovisual experience from Blood Cultures. Go check out “Beneath the Moon & Me.”

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