Be Grateful For “Beautiful Things” With Benson Boone’s Latest Release

Emma Neveux

Ten millions streams and over 1 millions views in just 48h, need I say more? There must be something there worth to cover I’m assuming, so let’s get into it. 

It’s by teasing us with Instagram reels and Tiktoks snippets since last December, that Benson Boone, the last MTV nominated Global PUSH artist for October 2023 started out the new year so strong. If you missed him while scrolling down on your phone for hours, then let me give you one good advice: repurpose your IG algorithm because you’re not gonna want to miss another drop like this one. 

Discovered and mentored by Imagine Dragons superstar Dan Reynolds, Benson Boone just released one of the most  perfect blend of a pop folk-rock track that I’ve heard in a while. I know folk might not be the most popular genre to all, but trust me when I’m telling you that Benson just gave it that twist that will make you linger for more. It’s catchy yet full of character. Through the blend of his styles and influences, Boone delivers a heartfelt and almost agonizing exploration of relationships. 

Yes okay, another song about love and “boy meets girl” and so on… but you never get enough of it, it’s the most universal dialogue that still exists today.  Especially, Benson is not crying over a lost relationships or over some sobbing regrets, far from it. He’s introducing us to the idea of our fear. We’re familiar with the fear of pain, loss and anything that comes with it. But how familiar are we really with the fear of pure love in itself. Fear of beauty, that’s really much more tricky to face when it’s disguised in such a beautiful frame. 

His track is a desperate plea of gratitude for love, that intensifies itself through his urgent lyrics and slow building production. The layers of his track is what makes it so compelling to the ear as you live through a full spectrum of emotions that mirrors perfectly the one you live through relationships. The highs, the lows, the mids - all scattered across balanced verses and chorus. The perfectly executed cry for help with raw unapologetic vocals.  The end result is electrifying. That’s all I’m going to describe just to make sure you go listen for yourself.   

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