Pretty Jane & the Magazines Turn A New Leaf On "under your tongue"

Riley Furey

Pretty Jane & the Magazines were my bet to be the next indie band to blow up in 2023, but now that time has passed and the band is now settled (and signed) in Nashville, it is officially time for them to take that momentum to the next level. With their second release in less than two months, the band is back with the (no pun intended) tongue in cheek single “under your tongue,” and it has already been playlisted by the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

The group has always had a playful presence on social media, and this song is one of their first expeditions into a more serious tone. “Too Few Tattoos” was their breakout single, which shed light on their dream partner having enough tattoos and free time to spend, and UYT shoulders more emotion of what could have happened after finding this person. It personifies an emotion that only abrasive guitar tones can correctly convey, and with this single I can see a real maturation in their music.

I know we’re going to continue to see the band post sketch comedy-adjacent story posts for their releases, but I’m excited to see how the group continues to evolve in this new phase of their career.

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