Embracing Resentment: Benson Price Jones Dives into “Like That”

Samantha DeCarlo
David Fernandez

Benson Price Jones, a 22-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer from North Carolina residing in Los Angeles, has the energy to impact the music world. Inspired by the likes of Ye, Kings of Leon, and Frank Ocean – Jones' music evolves in space as he creates sonic palates that differ from the norm.

His new track "Like That," released on October 20th, tells the classic tale of resentment arising from young love. Benson continues to unravel a strained relationship, building on the theme of his previous standout single, "Losing My Grip." After the release of "Losing My Grip," Benson reveals his ex called him to tell him she had broken up with his replacement and wanted him back. However, Benson swiftly shatters any notion of an easy reconciliation with the powerful line, "Said that it's over but I'm blocked now, and it's been three weeks." Benson's storytelling is given a sweet musical backdrop that blends together an eclectic mix of his musical influences. Experimental synths, acoustic guitar, and Jersey club kick drums intermingle with a brief jazz breakdown before culminating in a resounding crescendo, reminiscent of the Rock & Roll sound of the 1970s. This dynamic musical arrangement mirrors the multifaceted emotions experienced during the ups and downs of love, taking the listener on a roller coaster of feelings.

To further amplify the impact of "Like That," Benson has devised a strategic promotional plan that involves a five-part short-form vertical music video series, carefully crafted for short form social media platforms. This innovative approach leverages the power of visual storytelling to engage a broader audience and drive the song's narrative even deeper into the hearts and minds of his listeners.

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