Richie Quake Stays Rocking On “ENTIRE VAMPIRE”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Jacob Cosenstein

Brooklyn-based rocker and alternative artist Richie Quake adds to his collection of hard-hitting tracks with “ENTIRE VAMPIRE,” where Quake comes to terms with the duality of his impulses. The guitars never grow violent but retain an edge to them that offers some rigidity to the singer’s delivery, which mostly maintains gentle vocals exploring the coming-and-going of attraction. What’s perhaps most disorienting is the origin of the track, which Quake shared in a press release: "I have an ex that was obsessed with blood. She gave me a vial of her blood when we broke up. She used to say her biggest fantasy was for me to suck her blood. That relationship didn’t work out for a lot of reasons,” he says. “It left me feeling extremely broken for the better part of a year. I ended up writing this song because I wanted to be able to accept everything I was feeling. Sometimes I want to feel nothing, and sometimes I want to feel everything…sometimes I feel small and sometimes I feel powerful." Acceptance in this sense doesn’t exactly mean clarity, allowing for Quake to feel as he must in the moment, sure of the wave of emotions still to come. There is a subtle level-headedness to the track, rationalized by Quake’s comments on the song’s conception.

“ENTIRE VAMPIRE,” is set to appear on Quake’s upcoming sophomore album DOG, out November 15, which will also include the recently released title track as well as alt-pop venture “TOMMY.” A nuanced look at Quake’s experiences navigating relationships, DOG was inspired by the pet and their qualities of earnestness and unadulterated bliss. While lofty goals, Quake has proven to be the kind of artist capable of achieving even the most complicated sounds, with a sentimental pen to match. 

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