Bill Waters Explores New Musical Horizons With His New Single, “Burn”

Olive Soki

Back in March, nearly a year after he’d officially released any new music, Bill Waters made some form of a comeback with the release of his single “Only One.” A stripped down, Sunday morning-type ballad dedicated to loving desires — specifically the desire of being the only one to his only one. Now returning with a thematically adjacent single titled “Burn,” Bill is looking to test the waters in a different direction. The destination: the dance floor.

“I’ve been going to (and) playing a good amount of shows in the past few months and it kinda hit me that if i’m paying $15 at the door to watch a band, I wanna dance.” he writes of the moment that inspired this new sound of his. Swiftly weaving through darker thoughts and headlines, as he attempts to prevent them from obstructing his path to love, he sings of his undying flame for a certain someone. Bouncy, colorful, and irresistible; I'd say “Burn” definitely checks off all the boxes for a dance break or two.

A combination of disco-fever, drum machine experimentation, and Bill’s special touch all contributed to this epic love song. Leading with a playful arrangement, measure after measure, “Burn” gains texture and character. First with that playful bassline, then the light and rhythmic guitar, and just when you thought it couldn’t’ get any better, in comes the epic breakdown. Maybe I’m in over my head, but something about the breakdown reminds me of the end of “Lay All Your Love On Me” or at least they have the same effect. Both being amazing closers in their own respects, they invite you to groove out and possibly give the song another listen, making sure to suck you right into their orbits for eternity.

Marking his second single this year and his first venture into exciting new territories, “Burn” is an inarguable candidate for your next feel-good playlist. As for the future? You can start looking forward to a few singles and if you happen to be in NYC you should definitely consider seeing him live. But in the meantime, stream “Burn” as well as the rest of his discography — and don’t forget to check out his killer music videos. I promise you won’t regret it.

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