Zachary Knowles Has a 'tendency to be a loner' in Debut Album [Album Review]

Rachel Guttman

Rising artist and distinctive creative, Zachary Knowles, just released his debut album, tendency to be a loner. In addition, to celebrate its release, he dropped a music video for one of the tracks on the LP, “life sentence.” The full-length album puts Knowles' full range of creative talents on display as he reveals his true emotional depth, and cements himself a soft spot into his listeners’ hearts.

Knowles shared that the LP, “is about (his) introverted nature and he wanted to capture what (his) day-to-day looks like as far as emotions go.” He takes a major risk with this project while he puts his emotions on full display to listeners as he makes himself more vulnerable than previous releases. Knowles expanded on his intent behind the LP and added that, “most days he just wants to be himself. He’ll say no to things he knows he’d have fun doing, just because that’s what feels normal to him. Other days though, he’ll go out, hang with people, and have fun.” Knowles wanted the flow of his album to “feel like the flow of (his) emotions.” He felt this album “represents the highs and lows of that struggle.” The message behind this LP connects with me on a personal level as I often feel the same way – wanting to stay home or retreat when I’m not feeling like going out or seeing people.

The delicate vibe of tendency to be a loner creates a calming aura surrounding the project. Knowles' warm vocals layered on top of the minimal production creates a unique atmosphere that is sweet and pure. This project reveals Knowles' inner sentiments while he explores all too relatable themes. He combines elements of R&B and pop to find his composure and construct a peaceful oasis during crazy times.

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