Junior Mesa’s 'Cirque Du Freak' Is a Refreshing and Forward-Thinking Masterclass in Disruption [EP Review]

Carter Fife

There’s nothing better than music that goes against the grain, tracks made by artists that are unafraid to take stylistic risks with a unique and forward-thinking vision. Luckily, this week music fans are treated to the return of California singer/songwriter Junior Mesa, and his newest EP Cirque Du Freak.

Though the past year has turned all of our lives upside down, Junior Mesa turns this disruptive feeling to 11 with his newest collection of self-described “stoner disco” bangers. Though much has changed since his last project, 2019’s Peace EP, Junior Mesa sounds like he never left – providing listeners with refreshing and exciting new alternative tracks that see our hero melding together sounds and styles from across the genre spectrum. Previously released as an EP single, “Paranoia Dreams” is the perfect summertime banger for fans of modern music with a nostalgic feel. Invoking a sound that somehow sounds like it was pulled from the 70’s and present day, Junior Mesa reflects on the uneasiness that his creative process has adopted following his own unexpected epilepsy diagnosis. Feeling captive on the wild rollercoaster of life – a feeling I’m sure we can all relate to – Junior Mesa invites listeners to take a ride on Cirque Du Freak’s five perfectly-produced tracks.

Whether or not your musical inclinations lean more towards the mainstream, or if you’re the type to don a Tame Impala sweater and write novel-length reviews of Currents online (guilty) – there’s something for everybody to enjoy on Junior Mesa’s newest project.

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