Brevin Kim Translate Extraterrestrial Language in "ALIENSPEAK"

Perry Avgerinos

Ever since I first heard of Brevin Kim in 2019, I've been spellbound by their modernist blend of sound design, amp-cranked vocals, and turnt 808s. But aside from the music, their visuals complement the auditory experience to a tee, accentuating the full immersion into Brevin Kim's mind. In their latest, "ALIENSPEAK," Brevin Kim travel their sound beyond our planet, amongst the stars they once looked up at.

Wasting zero time, the song begins right with the verse, when they sing " you don’t know the real me / always act like it’s halloween / I can’t hide my feelings / I can’t hide the real me, she puts the mask on me." This loop when they teased it on their Instagram had my mouth ajar – the bassline sound design and 808 instantly grabs you – and overlaid with this line above had me hooked before listening to the rest of the track. As you listen further, "ALIENSPEAK" doesn't disappoint, continuing to climb in energy, only to bring you back to earth before the bridge, where Curtis Waters jumps in for some bars. I don't know when Brevin Kim's next live performance is, but this one's guaranteed to go off when it's played out. And let's not overlook the cover art – a hazed in image of an alien mask over someone's face, tying in to the theme of the lyrics and track title, furthering my point of the precision that's put in to get the cohesive project of Brevin Kim.

To me, Brevin Kim has been one of the OGs in the hyperpop space – before it was hyperpop. Even as the space becomes more saturated, Brevin Kim continue to lead the way and progress their sound beyond limits. Check it out below:

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