Brevin Kim Prove That Their Music Is Out of This World with New Single, “YOU.FO.”

Rachel Guttman

Boston duo, Brevin Kim, is making yet another appearance on the Sheesh pages today with the recent release of their groundbreaking new single, “YOU.F.O.” The two blood brothers, Cal and Brendan, have previously hypnotized listeners with their fearless experimentation in creating timeless music that is also somehow modern. What truly separates their sound is that they combine elements from various genres and make it all work to form their unique hyperpop style that is near impossible to classify.

Brevin Kim is truly pioneering a brand-new style of music and “YOU.F.O.” does a perfect job of putting their distinctive, mysterious style on display. The duo doesn't hesitate to take risks with this captivating song through the infectiously catchy guitar, hard-hitting drums, and raw emotion. The track synthesizes dark, edgy vibes with aspects of hip-hop by employing emotional, alluring vocals and rhythmic beats. Every carefully crafted component of this piece leaves you wanting more from the duo. If you haven’t checked out Brevin Kim’s music yet, go take a listen to “YOU.F.O.” now – there’s a high chance you’ll be hooked on their sound afterwards.

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